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Since 2013 our motto has been "One-stop [work]shop for Node.JS tools". We can't develop everything at once, but we let you know what are the best things around for Node.js development with Eclipse."

Year 2014 with Maven & Gradle plugins (and contribution to Markdown and other lugins on GitHub) shows that we should somehow to review our scope. We are surprised at what was archieved with all small steps we did put together. And much more is on the road. We just can't go alone. Nodeclipse is looking for supporters to share knowledge, and sponsors. Yes, with so many ideas we need to be able to spend more time for the project.

Nodeclipse effort is driven by developers like you, who devoted some time to make and improve Node.js tooling, learn better Node.js, JavaScript and Eclipse. Often by chance we discovered useful plugin and practices. Now imagine if only we all shared our tricks to get more of our tools. Check community page for links we collected, add links to tutorials, article and useful stuff via comments or add an issue.

Nodeclipse is free open-source software released every month. Nodeclipse became #1 in Eclipse Top 10 NEW Plugins for 2013.

Nodeclipse holds not only Node.js (with debugger, code completion, see features), but also simple tools for PhantomJS, Nashorn, Vert.x for JavaScript,
Maven, Gradle (including Android) for Java,
and some general tools like REST-Client, EditBox background color themes and others.

Nodeclipse is über Open Source Software ÜBOSS.
While somewhere else you need a hour to figure out how things work and make a change, it will take less than 10 minutes to get sources in Enide Studio, change and see your changes. Raise an issue if you need to ask something about your enhancement or how to implement an idea.
Examples: 1) Add EditBox Blue Light Theme, 2) Gradle - specify what JAVA_HOME to use
See more below.

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Funshion Online http://www.fun.tv/

Funshion Online is company in China serving Video content to 500 000 000 users.

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Windroy and Windroye let you run Android apps on Windows systems. (The project needs more documentation.)

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AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE 0.4.0 are released.
Named together as Anide and available at Update site

Look at sources and wiki: AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE ..

2014-06-26 AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE 0.3 are released.
Named together as Anide and available at Update site

Both AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE projects have great wikis. Read New-and-Noteworthy-0.3.0.

2014-06-09 0.16 "ECT" release
Enide, Nodeclipse version 0.16 are released. Update site is


Also available in
(faster, but without future updates). There is also update site .zip archive on SourceForge.

A few minor fixes and Eclipse Color Theme (ECT) that now supports everything, see history.

2014-05-30 AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE 0.2 are released.
Named together as Anide and available at Update site

Both AngularJS Eclipse and Tern Eclipse IDE projects have great wikis.

2014-05-12 The most popular?
Or what is calculation for http://marketplace.eclipse.org/popular/top, but it is definitely not download numbers.
Recently I (Paul Verest) looked closer at Eclipse Color Theme plugin (ECT) that in #3 on Eclipse marketplace, and is not backed by any company or commercial interests. And what could I see? Users issues are not commented, merged changes are not released for 2-3 months. When I got inpiration (after Teoh Han Hui support of Gradle Editor in Moonrise UI theme, see history) to update ECT with support for Gradle Editor and Chromium Debugger JS Editor, I released newer ECT version the same day. And the decision was right. The pull request is not yet merged, while you can use ECT 0.14 already.

Have you noticed many I? That is considered not good manner, but the fact is since 0.6 I have been pushing this project along one person. And got feeling to my bones what is feels to make Nodeclispe, to connect Node.js and Java worlds, something that neither Java big companies, nor Joyent or StrongLoop would fancy. Companies prefers to have tools done on their stack.

I am looking for ways to make it possibly to spend more time for the project, but that would require some commercial backing. Otherwise the porject would just go slowly, when I or other developers have time.

2014-04-30 0.15.1 "Gradley"
Enide, Nodeclipse version 0.15 are released. Update site is


Also available in
(faster, but without future updates) and enide-repository https://raw.github.com/Enide/eclipse-p2-composite-repository/master/ . There is also update site .zip archive on SourceForge.

This release is mostly about Gradle. Now you can use TODOs in your code, and they will be shown in Tasks without TODOs in used modules. Also there are now color preferences for 3 Editors. See history for more.
Wanna ask?

2014-04-29 Node.js support in IBM and CloudFoundry
IBM has recently released beta of BlueMix for Eclipse That has Node.js support. While Pivotal CloudFoundry had Node.js support for long time.

2014-04-28 0.15 "Gradley"
Enide, Nodeclipse version 0.15 betta are released. Update site is


see history.

2014-04-22 What is Nodeclipse?
What is Nodeclipse for you? Edit wikipedia article.

2014-04-20 More than 500 000

More than 500 000 files per month are served with BinTray service
for our update site.

2014-03-31 0.12 "Android friendly color"

Enide, Nodeclipse version 0.12 are released. Update site is


Also available in
(faster, but without future updates) and enide-repository https://raw.github.com/Enide/eclipse-p2-composite-repository/master/ . There is also update site .zip archive on SourceForge.

Gradle (Eclipse plugin) can now be used to deploy .apk into Android Virtual Device AVD;
more and more help coming from friendly Nodeclipse users, see PR#136;
and we include plugins to colorize our developer lives.
See all details at http://www.nodeclipse.org/history
Android, friends, colors... how to say it in one word? Well, Android is also using green color, but as you see it is much more than just about one shared color.
Wanna ask?

2014-03-27 Nashorn debugging & Avatar.js
Thanks to Jim Laskey for referencing Nodeclipse as possible place, where Nashorn debugging with Eclipse can be made, but we do need help on that from Eclipse & Oracle.
And from that post I myself have learned that Node.js port to JVM is finally open-sourced as Avatar.js.

2014-03-26 remember the Sun

More Duke images
Cute, isn't it?
Node.js does not have yet mascot. Propose one.

2014-03-25 EditBox plugin
Just by chance discovered EditBox plugin

See also Nodeclipse EditBox
Please do raise an issue if you know other diamonds in rough.

2014-03-25 Nodeclipse CoffeeScript Editor 0.4.0-201403250304 released
Update repository http://dl.bintray.com/nodeclipse/CoffeeScriptEditor/0.4.0-201403250304/
0.4.0 has Merged Pull Request #23 from Matt Tucker "When indenting, respect Eclipse editor preferences for tabs/spaces". CoffeeScript Editor has issue #19 that appeared since Eclipse 4.3.1, and makes it unusable because of poping dialog when editing. You need Eclipse 4.3.0 to use, e.g. Enide Studio 0.5.x.
For the project to revive, XText technology knowledge is needed.

2014-03-25 Nodeclipse 0.12 prerelease
Nodeclipse 0.12 is feature complete. And it will be released in a week as expected.
Following update repository can be used to get it before the release date.
Known issue: repository includes Eclipse plugin for LESS that can't be installed.

2014-03-24 IBM Acquires Cloudant
IBM Acquires Cloudant (Company behind CouchDB). And CouchDB is database that is used by npm registry. See also inside npm-proxy project.
Note that Red Hat and EMC have invested in MongoDB. Pivotal (EMC related) is nurturing Redis.

2014-03-24 Ansi Console
Thanks to John McCarthy for pointing to Ansi Console plugin .
Update site: http://www.mihai-nita.net/eclipse
Sources at https://github.com/mihnita/ansi-econsole

2014-03-20 AnIDE is coming..

AnIDE is coming, and it is not about Android (though v0.12 of Gradle(Enide) plugin can be used to deploy Android apk to Android Virtual Device), but more about AngularJS.

Angelo Zerr has contacted me through #119 and this way I discovered that there is AngularJS-eclipse plugin being developed by him and Pascal Leclercq.

They are also working on tern.java a Java wrapper for tern.js - a stand-alone code-analysis engine for JavaScript written in Javascript. When tern.js is running using Node.js, it is much faster than using Rhino. And it also can improve code assist for Node.js and jQuery.

Hopefully angularjs-eclipse will be released within month #32.

Name discusson is at #36.

2014-02-28 Enide Studio 2014 0.11-preview

Enide Studio 2014 is preview release based on Eclipse 4.4M4. While I use it myself daily since January 2014, some bugs in Eclipse newer features are possible. Nodeclipse and Enide plugins are of the same released versions.

The intention is to let you try this Eclipse package (that has a lot of improvements) without separate step of installing needed plugins.

Downloads are from SourceForge: win32, win64 and MacOS X cocoa x86_64.
Enide Studio 2014 for Windows x32win32 Enide Studio 2014 for Windows x64win64 Enide Studio 2014 for MacOS x64MacOS X Enide Studio 2014 for Linux x64Linux
For this preview release you are expected to give notice of anything not good that you notice, and share ideas throught GitHub issues.

UPDATE: There seems to be a problem with download from "0.11-preview" folder in some locations. Please raise an issue.

2014-02-25 0.11 "Do It Yourself"
Enide, Nodeclipse and Nodeclipse CLI version 0.11 are released. New update site is old


Also available in
and enide-repository https://raw.github.com/Enide/eclipse-p2-composite-repository/master/ . There is also update site archive on SourceForge.
#81, #92, #120 are resolved. Check What's new to learn more.
Make your own Eclipse! Start from folder with older Eclipse, then with Nodeclipse CLI (npm i nodeclipse -g) specify new folder to put Eclipse in:
nodeclipse new from luna to your/destination/folder
This can take a while. Then when Noclipse CLI Installer finished, cd to folder and run Eclipse:
cd your/destination/folder
You can continue installing plugins. (Even if Eclipse is running, but you will need to restart afterwards):
nodeclipse install egit
nodeclipse install markdown gfm startexplorer jshint
Note that installing this way plugin with dependencies (e.g. Nodeclipse plugin) is not yet possible, so use GUI. Wanna ask?

2014-02-15 Host npm registry in your LAN!
As you may know (even if you missed) there were disruptions of npm registry service in November. That created series of events:
There was scalenpm.org campaign that collected 326 000 dollars (mostly from companies) and turned out to be associated with Nodejitsu.
And Isaac Z. Schlueter (author of npm and registry) leaving node team lead role and creating "npm, Inc.", that just got $2.6M of funding.
The free services will stay free and there will be some new paid services.
For that Nodeclipse can also give opportunity to cache npm modules in LAN server with npm-proxy. Questions, ideas for npm-proxy are only through issue tracker of Nodeclipse/npm-proxy repository.

2014-01-27 ten

Enide & Nodeclipse version 0.10.0 are released. New update site is


or use Enide repository https://raw.github.com/Enide/eclipse-p2-composite-repository/master/ . There is also update site archive on SourceForge.
Checking What's new is nessasary.

2014-01-26 Nodeclipse CLI
Nodeclipse CLI 0.10.0 is published with npm registry. Install it with

$ npm install -g nodeclipse
Now create new project in any way, then
$ nodeclipse -p
to make the project ready for import via File -> Import -> General / Existing Projects into Workspace.
CLI util also allows to create new Node.js projects like
$ nodeclipse -c project1 -u hellow-world
. And that is great because it uses the same templates as Nodeclipse plugin. So if you have an idea for new wizard, propose your additions with pull request as new_folder, then it will be immediately available as
$ nodeclipse -c new_project1 -u new_folder
, and after a while as Wizard option in Eclipse/Enide.
Check README for what's new.

2014-01-21 Enide repository
Finally found a way to have constant update site URL for all Nodeclipse versions, the tech is called Eclipse p2 composite repository. Use Enide repository to get Nodeclipse and other plugins from one URL: https://raw.github.com/Enide/eclipse-p2-composite-repository/master/ . Make your own and propose adding your favourite plugin: just create issue or pull request for Enide repository. Please leave a star on GitHub.

2014-01-09 GFMV 1.8.1
Finally GFMV#47 with GitHub Flavored Markdown Viewer plugin 1.8 ( Update p2 repository: http://dl.bintray.com/satyagraha/generic/1.8.1 ) you are able to right-click node_modules folder Generate Markdown Preview and after that open any .md file with Show in GFM View instantly, any time, even when offline, and it will look exactly like on GitHub. ( HTMLs are saved into .*.md.html filenames. They will not be committed when project's .gitignore file has .*.md.html. The .* files are hidden in Eclipse by default, but see "No miracles, just files" below. )

See all previous news at one page.


If you have not installed Node.js yet, please install it first.
Then, please install Nodeclipse CLI and Express as follows.

$npm install -g nodeclipse

$npm install -g express

Drag and drop into a running Eclipse to install Nodeclipse.
Or use update site:


Check download page for more details.


See /features page.


See 1366x768 introduction video at /video page or see lower resolution on Youtube. Read also Hints and Online Help. Online Help is also shipped as built-in help that is accessible by F1

See /usage page.


Browse existing questions on StackOverflow, as we do. feed

Should you report a bug, please include the following:

  1. Nodeclipse version number (like 0.4 or 0.8)
  2. Eclipse version number (like 4.3.1 Kepler or 4.4.0)
  3. Eclipse distribution (e.g. Enide Studio 2014, Eclipse SDK, Eclipse for JEE Developers)
  4. A detailed description of the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.
  5. Screenshot and stack trace, that you can get from Eclipse Error Log View (Window -> Show View ...) or from '.log' file from the directory '.metadata' in your workspace.
  6. See example issue #78

Fork code on GitHub

You can also clone the nodeclipse-1 project with git and prepare for import as General project by running:

$ git clone git://github.com/Nodeclipse/nodeclipse-1.git
$ cd nodeclipse-1
$ nodeclipse -g

Play with code

  1. Select project folder, e.g. org.nodeclipse.enide.editors.jade or org.nodeclipse.enide.gradle
  2. Ctrl+Alt+C (or StartExplorer Copy Resource Path to ClipBoard)
  3. File -> Import -> Existing Project into Workspace
  4. Ctr+V into directory
  5. open `plugins.xml`
  6. click `Launch an Eclipse application in Debug mode`
  7. Now you can change code and instantly see how IDE behaves now in second Eclipse

Then build all with

$ mvn package

First time maven needs download all plugins and used packages. Check README.


Start by raising an issue about what you have on your mind, share some related information and links. See possible ways to help below:

Critical Issues

Help wanted

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