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Share your Eclipse, Node.js or GitHub experience with SHARE

27 May 2013

SHARE is place where you can share your Eclipse, Node.js or GitHut thoughts and experience.

And it is easy.

  • Get Eclipse with Nodeclipse.
  • Fork this site to your account. (GitHub Help)
    Open github.com/Nodeclipse/www.nodeclipse.org, press Fork
    (You need to have GitHub account and be logged in.)
  • Clone www.nodeclipse.org site sources to local PC:
    Copy fresh cloned URL to clipboard, e.g. https://github.com/PaulVI/www.nodeclipse.org.git for my PaulVI account.
    In Eclipse with EGit open:

    File -> Import… -> Git / Project from Git ->
    URI Next>
    Next> Should see gh-pages & master branches
    Next> Select local folder to clone into
    Import as existing project

  • Add you post as Markdown file.
    Look this example. Yes, this page was written in Markdown. But as it is hosted on GitHub Pages, you can use GitHub Flavored Markdown.
  • Commit
    In Eclipse right-click project (or newly added file) Team -> Commit…
  • Send Pull Request steps

Send Pull Request steps

  1. Push to your remote origin (your account)
  2. Open GitHub page for your fork
  3. Press Pull Request
  4. Review Commits on Commits tab
  5. Write description, press Send pull request
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