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Universal web frameworks

30 July 2013

Node.js the most used web framework is probably Express. It has history of the first coming within Node.js, inspired by Sinatra. It is simple and nice.

On the other hand, it is other framework that you have to learn. If you are developing also in Java or Ruby, keeping in mind all those peculiarities, when you not using them everyday, is not what you should pay attention. Why there are no good framework, that would work in Java, Ruby and Node.js?

Every platform is reinventing wheel. When long enough time passed by, it can grasp the latest ideas and neglect what is fading away. That’s good. What is bad is that those framework never care to be compatible or share libraries. In fact, on the contrary they tend to make everything their own.

I invite for open discussion here (just modify & send pull request), or add comments below. Share good framework you know, that have some features, ideas, templates shared with other languages, platforms.

Recently Wikipedia articles says, that web frameworks should take care about:

  • Web template system
  • Caching
  • Security
  • Database access, mapping and configuration
  • Scaffolding
  • URL mapping
  • Ajax
  • Web services
  • Web resources

Comparison of web application frameworks on Wikipedia has not yet Node.js frameworks, but is good example for references.

Are there Universal web frameworks?


Scaffolding using JS MVC frameworks seems interesting direction. https://github.com/robfletcher/grails-angular-scaffolding

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