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CentOS in VirtualBox - Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

30 August 2013

by Paul Verest

NOTE: This is open-source article, that you can extend.


  1. Insert Addon CD images Devices -> Install Guest Additions …
  2. Launch installer for your OS

In CentOS 6.2 popup will come to enter root password and confirm installation. Worked like charm. Just reboot… and the screen can be any size and mouse smoothly intaract with any OS’s applications.

This however failed on CentOS 5.4, so below are additional steps needed.

CheatSheet based on http://www.processworks.de/blog/2009/09/install-virtualbox-guest-additions-in-centos-redhat-linux-client/

Install VirtualBox Guest Additions in CentOS (RedHat) Linux Guest

cd /media/VBOXADDITIONS_3.0.6_52128/
  1. Cannot execute .run file

    sh VBoxLinuxAdditions-amd64.run

If any error, do step 2

  1. Installer complains about missing gcc and Linux kernel headers

    yum update kernel yum install gcc yum install kernel-devel


sh VBoxLinuxAdditions-amd64.run
  1. Reboot


After reboot, in VirtualBox select

  • Devices -> Shared ClipBoard -> Bidirectonal
  • Devices -> Drag-n-Drop -> Bidirectonal

Some useful Linux commands

Check disk free space df

df -h

du shows how much space one ore more files or directories is using

du -sh

taken from http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/check-free-space/

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