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HTML5 animation affect

12 December 2013

by Paul Verest

Continuing HTML5 presentation engines

HTML5 Canvas libraries:

Looked at IE demo

- Three.js (http://threejs.org/)
screen-from-article-2 - PreloadJS (http://www.createjs.com/#!/PreloadJS)
- hammer.js library for multi-touch, (github)

then searched for other browsers labs:

Mozilla https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demos/all?sort=likes

Opera. Found on http://dev.opera.com

Creating game-style parallax scrolling: Zombie Edition

The Walking Dead Zombified: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of the Dead
Click image to open the interactive version. Created by the CableTV.com Blog Team.

Other demos of skrollr:

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