Nodeclipse NTS (Node Tool Suite) README


This is basically standard Eclipse with Node.js additional plugins.

Take a look for required configuration

or download workspaces zip file with those setting already configured.

Check for updates and news on Marketplace entry.


  1. If you don’t have, get latest Node.js

  2. If you don’t have, download & install latest JDK For example “Java Platform (JDK) 7u25”

  1. Download Node Tool Suite (NTS) for your operating system (currently only Windows x64 & x32)

  2. Extract into folder where you keep our tools, e.g. D:\Progs\

  3. Open eclipse.exe from eclipse folder, e.g. D:\Progs\nodeclipse-NTS-jee-kepler-win64\eclipse\eclipse.exe

  4. If you have error messages like


    That means you don’t have JDK installed (JRE is not enough).

    Reinstall JDK (see 1.) or use hint how to configure Eclipse

  5. You default Workspace (folder where you keep you projects) is ..\ws, e.g. D:\Progs\nodeclipse-NTS-jee-kepler-win64\ws

To change it to more suitable place, e.g. D:\Workspaces\nodeclipse-NTS-0410, copy provided workspace ws as template, or follow configuration instructions.

Ideas? Questions?

Try support options to connect with us.

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