Nodeclipse Plugins List 2.0

Drag-n-drop what you need on Eclipse main toolbar. (See tip how).
If it does not work, say to Bug 507117 - Why drag-n-drop Marketplace icon does not work and/or new GitHub issue.
And why click-through (instead of drag-n-drop) does not show relevant page.


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Nodeclipse Plugins List 1.0

The list below is for convenient and quick way to install Eclipse plugins. Just drag-and-drop such InstallLink image for the plugin that you need onto Eclipse main toolbar above. (See tip how).

Prefix Up indicates that this plugin is available from Nodeclipse updates site .

Also plugin marked with code formating can be installed using Nodeclipse CLI Installer like nodeclipse install alias


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Enide Studio 2015


Enide Studio 2014

Enide & Nodeclipse

or use update site ( how to pics )

or (quicker but fixed version) <pre></pre>




Java Tools


Node.js & JavaScript Development

Shells, Terminals

Eclipse Plugin/RCP Development


Mylyn Connectors

Other, not categorized

Other lists

Let us know more by editing this list on GitHub. (With GitHub you can edit online and send Pull Request even without getting whole project on local device.)

Updates sites for Nodeclipse-1 projects for for Gradle Pack