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Plugin List How to

Note mpc

Drag-and-drop installing depends on Marketplace client (mpc) (usually in Help -> Eclipse Marketplace ... menu). If you don’t have it, just install it from Kepler update site , check General Purpose Tools group. ( bug 411752 fixed with 4.3.1). mpc before 4.3.1 had no dependencies, now it seems to have JDT dependency. It is possible to install the latest mpc on any Eclipse version.

Using Nodeclipse Updates site

If you don’t know how to use Eclipse update site (aka p2 repositories), read at

Using Nodeclipse CLI Installer

Make your own Eclipse! Start from folder with older Eclipse, then with Nodeclipse CLI (npm i nodeclipse -g) specify new folder to put Eclipse in:

nodeclipse new from luna to your/destination/folder

This can take a while. Then when Noclipse CLI Installer finished, cd to folder and run Eclipse:

cd your/destination/folder

You can continue installing plugins. (Even if Eclipse is running, but you will need to restart afterwards):

nodeclipse install egit
nodeclipse install markdown gfm startexplorer jshint

Note that installing this way plugin with dependencies (e.g. Nodeclipse plugin) is not yet possible, so use GUI.

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