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Nodeclipse 0.4.10 overview Nodeclipse 0.4.10 overview

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Eclipse Marketplace description:

Nodeclipse NTS (Node.js Tool Suite) for Windows x64 is published on SourceForge.
It is based on Eclipse Kepler IDE for Jave EE developers
and includes Nodeclipse 0.4 and other plugins.
As 280 MB zip archive, download managers (like FDM) are recommended.
Included plugins are
- Nodeclipse 0.4.0

- Chrome Development Tools, fixed for debugging Node.js
- MarkDown (*.md) Editor (Integrated)
- GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) Viewer (Optional)

- Eclipse 4.x Chrome Theme (Optional) 

- JSHint Eclipse Integration (Optional)
- JSDT jQuery Integration (Optional)

- StartExplorer (Optional)
Included not present in Enide:
- Minimap View (Experimental, close when don't like)

Not included
- GitHub Mylyn Connector 2.3 


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This is Eclipse distribution. All Eclipse related knowledge is applied.
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Try support options.
If you think that something is buggy or slow _just don't use it_ . (There are some experimental features.) We would be thankful for detailed problem description. This way you can contribute. Read carefully support options. If you really care, help us to improve it by developing with us together.

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