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Polyglot Maven with Atom, Groovy, YAML IDE Pack (bleeding edge)

Break your build by experimenting with Polyglot Maven POC (aka Prove of Concept, aka alpha), and loose your pom.xml file(s) completely unless it has been in version control,
e.g. after git init, git add pom.xml, git commit -m "pom save me".

After installing this pack (and Eclipse IDE restart), convert your pom.xml into nice shiny pom.yaml and edit 50 lines inteads of 1000 using nice and steady YEdit YAML Editor by Øystein Torget, who is now interested in making it standard within Eclipse IDE.

Press Ctrl+Alt+T or Ctrl+Alt+D to launch local terminal, and do a translation:

mvn io.takari.polyglot:polyglot-translate-plugin:translate -Dinput=pom.xml -Doutput=pom.yaml

Convert an existing Maven (m2e) project into Polyglot Maven via right-click on a project and Configure > Convert to Maven Polyglot...

Edit pom.yaml and see it instantly converted into pom.xml (so you can still enjoy extra informative tabs in m2e POM Editor) and changes applied to the project.

Never read docs, software can guess your intentions and act in your best interests always.

Java 8, Maven 3.3.1+ is required

UPDATE 2016-11-1: YAML is not recommended, because of language limitation it is impossible to give plugin configuration with list of values. Use pom.groovy or pom.ruby.

Some advises

If installation breaks or something does not work, just forget about it for half a year. Really. Do what you are paid for.

Command line

Make sure that there is .mvn/extensions.xml with


Now you can mvn dependency:tree within project subfolders.

Without .mvn/extensions.xml, you can specify pom file like mvn -f pom.groovy

Thanks to @vsipuli



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